What I learned from moving to the hustle and bustle of London from a small, seaside city and why I’ve now decided to leave.

Giving my goodbye speech at iris Worldwide

What did it teach me?

London is filled with success. It’s a city that’s known for its opportunities, career-focused inhabitants, innovative events and luxurious life style. This is all true, although the life style is far from ‘luxurious’ if you can’t afford it. The most luxuries my house shares offered were the rare moments when the mice decided to move on to another home and the boiler worked for more than a few weeks, but that was all part of my character building. (Plus the mice were actually kinda cute.)

Shh, we’re part of Rebel X!
Exploring Algonquin Park in Canada

Driven by Creativity, Inspired by Technology. YouTuber, Game Lover, Maker of silly creations with Code and Film! https://www.youtube.com/user/yagmanx

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