Spending my Birthday with the World

My Ambitious YouTube Live Stream and Real-Time Twitter Wall

It’s my birthday tomorrow!

Instead I’ll be hosting a Live Stream event on my YouTube channel (YagmanX)which will stream a home-coded twitter feed, using Twitter’s API, which will run through the Raspberry Pi. The twitter feed will look for tweets in real-time with the hashtag, #YagmanXBDay, and spit them out in my console log which I’ve turned into some sort of pretty rainbow using colors node module.

I’ll also be jumping into the live stream at random intervals, saying hello and getting to know all of the wonderful and wacky people of the Internet (yes, that’s you!) who are willing to spend their valuable time watching the result of my night-filled hacking, chatting to other global viewers, and waiting for me to pop my happy head in every now and then.

But… Why?

Short answer: Because I want to prove that I can.
Long answer: To all those who know me, it’s no surprise when I say: “I love YouTube.” This stems from a lifetime love of storytelling, Media and of course a fascination with people and what makes us tick! But that’s a topic for another time. Technology nowadays makes it so easy to bring people together from around the world and I want to harness that power, using it to make people feel as involved with my channel and content as possible. A live stream, although sounding quite intimidating, seems the perfect way to do this! But of course, people from around the world can’t all make the same time. So instead I want to extend the live stream to up to 8 hours, pushing the boundaries of what it’s normally used for and hopefully enabling the stream to have a further reach to those across the globe. However, I can’t stay online for 8 hours can I?! That’s where the Twitter Wall comes in! This real-time feed will keep people engaged even when I’m off doing birthday things (like eating cake!) As well as giving me a perfect excuse to use my Raspberry Pi!

Will it actually work?

This will be my first ever YouTube Live event so I’m a little nervous, but I feel confident in the knowledge that it will be my birthday and therefore I will be granted extra special birthday powers on that one day to make this concept a reality!

So get involved:

Location: https://www.youtube.com/user/yagmanx
Time: 4:00pm GMT+1 London
Be part of the Twitter Wall with #YagmanXBDay!

Are my written ramblings not making much sense to you? Maybe my soken rambles will:

Driven by Creativity, Inspired by Technology. YouTuber, Game Lover, Maker of silly creations with Code and Film! https://www.youtube.com/user/yagmanx

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