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  • Kim Wilkens

    Kim Wilkens

    technology activist (miss-bit.com), Tech-Girls founder (tech-girls.org)

  • Zach Soares

    Zach Soares

    Professional Voxel artist, Animator and Creative Director. Expanding on Voxel art and creating worlds to explore.

  • Jessica Naziri

    Jessica Naziri

  • BBC News Labs

    BBC News Labs

    Driving innovation for BBC News. Powered by @BBC_Connected.

  • RecklessVillen


    YouTuber/YouTube gaming streamer, King of Potatoes and I make comedy gaming videos! People say I'm funny and humble. DMs are always open! I talk to anyone o͜O

  • Tom


    It me

  • Daniel Doan

    Daniel Doan

    Game designer. Creator of SanctuaryRPG & Overture. Co-Founder @BlackShellMedia, an indie game publishing & marketing studio. daniel@blackshellmedia.com

  • WIRED Gadget Lab

    WIRED Gadget Lab

    Your gadgets and how you use them. News and views from http://Wired.com

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