• Mitchell Harris

    Mitchell Harris

    Film Editor by day and night. Occasional trumpeter. Coffee keeps me going until it is acceptable to drink wine.

  • Noemi Escudero

    Noemi Escudero


  • Simon Lock

    Simon Lock

    Digital Product Manager from Melbourne, Australia. Loves @essendonfc, cricket & all things digital.

  • Senake@BuzzTech


    Next generation 3D printer innovations - product assembly and mass producable building construction solutions. Collaborations and investment sought.

  • Shi Songhua

    Shi Songhua


  • Grey Burkart

    Grey Burkart

    Wired even when wireless. Make things do stuff. Design for interactive experiences and audio-visual-sensory alchemy. Coffee may be suspiciously involved.

  • Mark Lunn

    Mark Lunn

    Digital Marketer & full time geek

  • scott page

    scott page

    Musician +Technologist + Business = Passion for: Infectious Grooves, Emerging Tech, Crowd Sourcing, Growth Hacking, Brand Building

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